police fire department drone uav

Police and Fire Departments

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles by Fire Fighters & Police Departments can be used to save lives. Looking down from above gives first responders a unique advantage when forming a plan to fight a fire, major vehicle accident or other dangerous situations. The Federal Aviation Administration’s rules and regulations make it difficult for many of[…]

insurance inspection

Insurance Inspections

Blue Moon’s UAV’s allow adjusters to evaluate and make an accurate record of damages without the dangers of an injury or disturbing a site. Blue Moon works with adjusters, insurance professionals, and home inspectors to video and photograph properties; enabling our clients to evaluate damages from the safety of their computer or tablet. Data is[…]

westchester real estate

Real Estate

The use of UAV’s by real estate professionals for aerial photography and videography is the future. Successful real estate agents know they have to stay ahead of the pack and use the best marketing tools available. Aerial photographs and video give the real estate agent a cutting-edge tool that will get their name and their[…]


Aerial videography of a job site provides a vantage point that is not available from ground-level photography. Overhead viewing provides a cost effective way to get a full view of a site, without having to don your steel toe boots and bucket; go climb a ladder, wait for the keys for the man-lift, or pay[…]


Another invaluable benefit of unmanned aerial vehicles is conducting inspections of infrastructure and other hard to access areas that would normally be conducted by personnel. Drones provide a safe and cost effective means to inspect possible trouble spots without putting workers in danger.

FAA News

 The FAA Relaxes Some Rules For Commercial Drone Pilots  Earlier this week, the Federal Aviation Administration issued updated rules for commercial unmanned aircraft, doubling their operational ceiling and streamlined the online application process for pilots registering their drones. The first update applies to Section 333-exempt aircraft – aircraft which the Secretary of Transportation has determined[…]